The Grapevine has been an important newsletter for Bulkley Valley Christian School for nearly as long as the school has existed. Today, we’re re-launching it.

With this new issue (and going forward), the ‘new’ Grapevine will focus on our mission (why we exist), our work (what we’re doing) and our impact (what’s been accomplished). We’ll do this through story-telling through the voices of our staff, our students and our alumni.

While the Grapevine will continue to be primarily a printed publication, we’ll also incorporate photography, video and multi-media in ways that support our message. We’ll continue to print it (in colour, starting with this issue) and we’ll still distribute it as a PDF on our website.

We hope that after reading it, you’ll be inspired and engaged with the work of Christian education being carried out at Bulkley Valley Christian School.