We’re putting the finishing touches onto a new, completely re-designed version of the BVCS Grapevine!

We’ve re-thought, re-designed and re-written the Grapevine to better connect with our community about our shared vision for Christian education. We think that this new format will help to tell the story of Bulkley Valley Christian School and how we embody our vision in and out of classrooms, in our alumni and in our community. It’s been redesigned to better match the ‘look and feel’ that we’ve adopted with our new website.

We hope to have this sent out to print next week. Once we have it back from the printer, you can expect a copy to come home with your children, or (if you don’t have children in BVCS) you will see it in your mailbox. We’ll also be posting it to our website as a PDF.

Mr. Steenhof and Mr. Grasmeyer sat down to discuss what you can expect in the new version of the Grapevine. Watch this 5-minute video.

Find out more (short video)