BVCS has launched its 2023 ‘Together’ Annual Campaign…also known as the ‘year-end drive.’ We invite parents, grandparents and our supporting community to make a year-end financial gift towards this project before the end of December.

Bulkley Valley Christian School exists because of a long heritage of generous, mission-directed giving. Because of that giving, BVCS has an incredible facility in which we can fulfill our unique mission to provide Christ-centred K – 12 education for Christian families from almost every denomination represented here.

As we live out this mission and look to the future, we face two realities: our facility is aging and our enrolment is growing. To prepare us to address these two realities, our ‘Together’ Annual Campaign invites parents, grandparents and supporting community to make year-end financial gift. These gifts will be used towards upgrades and improvements that will be identified in our Facility Review process.

With your support, this ‘Together’ campaign prepares us for the urgently-needed upgrades and expansions that will be identified in our facility plan. Our goal for the 2023 Together Annual Campaign is $75,000.

Find out more about the Together Annual Campaign with the video below, and visit to donate.