BVCS Student Council is looking for parents help for the annual Winter Banquet for Thursday February 15 at Glenwood (or Driftwood) Hall.

  • A team of 5 cooks and one head cook are needed to take the lead for the dinner. They will have full access to the BVCS kitchen the night before and the large kitchen in the hall in the morning of the event.
  • We also would love it if a whole bunch of creative parents came to help set up and decorate the morning of, so it can be ready for the night of festivities.
  • 8-12 Dads are also wanted to dress up in a shirt and bowtie to serve the meal to the students as well.

Please sign up on spreadsheet below if you are free to help! If you have any further questions please email (Ava Wimbush) Thank you!

Sign Up Here