We’re only a few days into the ‘Together’ Annual Campaign (year-end drive), and our community has already met the matched-giving challenge of $15,000! With the matching funds added to the donations, the year-end drive has already surpassed $30,000! This is tremendously encouraging, particularly when we remember that the annual campaign only launched a few days ago.

Who has donated to date?

  • current parents
  • a future parent
  • grandparents
  • staff and admin
  • board members
  • and supporters—past staff, past parents, parent of staff and others

What’s the goal?

The capital budget lays out a goal of $50,000 for the annual campaign. However, the ‘need’ far exceeds the ‘ask’: the project (roofing Phase III) is estimated at around $140,000. Every dollar raised in this annual campaign will go towards the roofing project. It will be excellent to surpass our goal of $50,000 as this will reduce the need to cover the remaining $90,000 in costs out of the school’s cash reserves.

What was raised in the past?

  • 2018—$73,000 was raised for Phase 1 of the re-roofing project (project value: $94,000)
  • 2019—$61,000 was raised for Phase 2 of the re-roofing project (project value: $75,000)
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