We are down to one bus for the week of December 5 – 9 as we work on getting bus #1 repaired (it was in a minor collision on 21 November). We are working on completing this ASAP.

Schedule (Dec 5 – 9)

    • Bus #1 (Telkwa) families/routes will be served with bus #2
    • Bus #2 (Witset route) families should make alternative arrangements for AM & PM

We hope to have this repair completed under the ICBC claims process ASAP. We do not have an ETA as yet.

Additional information

We posted some background to this issue, which you can find here: IMPORTANT: Bus #1 (Telkwa) service

The Area Vehicle Inspector for CVSE has inspected Bus #1 and regrets that he cannot allow us to operate it without some repairs. While this is disappointing for us, we also want to express real gratitude to the CVSE team…they have really worked hard to assist us with this in a number of important ways. The inspector understands that this is not only an inconvenience to our school but also to the many families who rely on this service.