Rough Acres Bible Camp (RABC) is seeking counsellors for their 2023 camping season. To find out more or to apply, visit:

Rough Acres is a nondenominational camp located on Irrigation Lake, 16 km west of Houston, BC approximately 2 kms off HWY 16. RABC was established in 1973 and has provided summer camps for over 30 years. RABC exists to provide an opportunity to disciple, lead, mentor, and provide children with an opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus in a fun, interactive, safe environment.  We depend on our supporting churches for prayer, counsel, workers, follow-up, leadership, financial support, ideas-in-action, promotion, and public relations. In return, we see the camp ministry as an effective tool for Christian discipleship. We utilize education, Christian living, teaching by example, and the outdoor environment as an opportunity to disciple individuals to maturity in Christ. Campers experience 24-hour living in a group atmosphere where Christian leaders have an opportunity to share Christ’s love and forgiveness, to exemplify Christ through living, breathing, and walking in a manner that is pleasing to God. The leader gives example through his/her personal devotional habits – being grounded in the Word and committed to prayer, through his reactions to everyday circumstances, through time spent individually with campers, and by utilizing teachable moments and God’s creation to help campers experience Christ’s love throughout the week. Our purpose is to disciple, which includes the teaching of salvation, but carries on to encourage growth and to edify – lift up Christian brothers and sisters for encouragement in their walk. We desire to teach how to live for Christ during normal, daily activities and fun, as well as during special times of worship.