Wipe yer boots, shine up yer buckle and dust off yer hat, then mosey through our doors for an evenin’ that’ll make you grin. 

On March 18 (that’s a Saturday, pardner) we’ll be sittin’ down for some great down-home cookin’ that’ll warm yer innards. Pull up a stool at the root beer saloon and spin some yarns. Sit down for a high-falootin’ photo. After the vittles, we’ll pull out the fiddles and learn how to line dance proper-like with some of them instructin’ folks. It’ll be a humdinger, and Dusty Simmons cain’t hardly wait. Fact is, neither can we. (And we’re not sure who Dusty Simmons even is.)

Oh…we know that the little ‘uns are powerful cute, but this event’s fer grown-ups and geezers only.

This here’s a fundraisin’ dinner for supportin’ the little’uns and their school. So we ain’t chargin’ an entry fee, but we hope you’ll fish around in yer saddle bags for a generous-like donation.

You can hold yer spot t’come (French folks call it ‘RSVP’) right now: jes click-clop yer way over this here button:

Hold My Spot!

What’s there t’see, Slim?

Name’s Buck. (Slim’s hoping’ to come too, though.) Anyway, there’s lots of irons in the fire fer this event. A few things we’re fixin fer:

  • Photo booth…git yer awe-thentic cowboy mugshot done up reeeeaaaall purdy like. (Buster Pederson’s even plannin’ on puttin’ his dentures in fer this one.)
  • Royals Root Beer Saloon…pull up a stump and set a while. Cry in your root beer or other of the finest sparklin’ carbonations this side of Chicken Creek.
  • Dinner entertainment…it’s what it sounds like, Smokey. Y’eat. Y’laugh. Y’clap. Helps with the dye-jestion.
  • Auctions…see below. No, not under yer horse. Jes a little further down this page.
  • Dancin‘…heel, toe, doh-see-doh, etc. Don’t know how t’dance? Neither does anyone else. This is a school, so it’s an appropriatin’ place t’learn. We’ll line dance, square dance, and I’m not sure whatchacallit else kinda dance. But nothin’ new-fangled. We’re wearin’ boots, after all.
  • Gen’ral cowboy carryin’ on…pony races, ropin’ contest, and possibly a gunfight (all in the best spirit of things, y’understand)

Don’t come dressed like some city-slickin’ stuffy, though. Dust off yer hat, wipe yer boots (please), and shine up that belt buckle. They’ll be plenty of civilized folks there, and you’ll want to make a proper impression.


Yep…they’ll be a plurality of auctions. Two auctions, to be precise.

  1. First off, there’s an online auction that’ll run fer a week in advance of the festivities. By ‘online’ we’re meanin’ you’ll be biddin’ and buyin’ right there on yer fandangled computer or phone. We’ll round this up during the Western Night. We’ll publish the link t’the online auction in a few weeks.
  2. Second off, there’s a live auction that we’ll run right after the vittles is done and the dishes set aside. By ‘live’ we’re meanin’ Fred “Fast Gavel” Reitsma will be callin’ and whoopin’ and carryin’ on til the ‘sold’ bid comes in.

We’re lookin’ for doh-nations fer the auctions. Got somethin’ y’ think other cowfolks ‘d pay fer? Let us know! Dial us up at 250-847-4238 n’ ask fer Tommy ‘Tornado’ Grasmeyer. We’re reservin’ the right to decide which auction t’put yer doh-nation in. Hope y’don’t mind.

Hired Hands

We’ll be lookin’ fer keen-eyed high school cowpokes to do some servin’, settin’, cleanin’ and yes general makin’ themselves useful. Students in grade ten and upwards are welcome t’ volunteer. Yep, y’ read that right: Grade 10 and up. We’ll offer service hours fer yer labours. Ready to sign on as a hired hand? Click here.