Saturday, March 18 · 5 pm

Wipe yer boots, shine up yer buckle and dust off yer hat, then mosey through our doors for an evenin’ that’ll make you grin.

We’ll be sittin’ down for some great down-home cookin’ that’ll warm yer innards. Pull up a stool at the root beer saloon and spin some yarns. Sit down for a high-falootin’ photo. After the vittles, we’ll pull out the fiddles and learn how to line dance proper-like with some of them instructin’ folks.

This here’s a fundraisin’ dinner for supportin’ the little’uns and their school. So we ain’t chargin’ an entry fee, but we hope you’ll fish around in yer saddle bags for a generous-like donation.

Hold Yer Spot

This event’s just two whoops and a holler away, and you wouldn’t want to miss it, would ya? Well poke yer mouse over the button to RSVP (that’s French fer puttin’ yer iron in the fire and savin’ yer spot). It’s important that we let cook and the pot rustlers know how much feed to heat up.

Student Service Hours

We’re lookin’ fer help! If yer a grade 10 – 12 student, you kin git service hours jes fer bein’ helpful! But y’gotta sign up, Buster.

Two Humdinger Auctions

Online Auction

It’s like a rodeo, but fer yer fingers. Use nothin’ but yer mouse to throw bids up on some real fine merchandise. The whole thing’s online and it’s open fer the week leadin’ up to the Western Night (March 13, closes at 9 PM on March 17). Rej’ster fer this right away!

Live Auction

During the Western Night, you might find yerself biddin’ against the likes of Two-Bid Buck or Wild Gavel Joe. This ain’t no Sotheby’s auction, neither. This here’s the realest, buckin-est auction you’d expect. With Fred ‘Quick Fingers’ Reitsma on the gavel, you’ll want to be live on yer feet and punchin’ fer the win. Preview items on the website usin’ the button below.